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Kickstarter rewards! Updated

Alexis CastilloComment

Quick update as I'm sure a handful of you are interested in the rewards that have been earmarked to ship, here's a quick rundown:

Totes! Set to look something like the image above, which I hope everyone likes. 

Postcards: These are the final pieces to the puzzle that are cramping the whole smooth shipping whatnot. 

They are indeed ordered and on their way, however as it is fast coming on Christmas, they are expected to ship to me (to then send out to you) on the 24th. Less than ideal, but I decided quality was better than speed. Hope the majority agree.

Here are some of the images that we're working with— we'll have a better way to take a look at the actual cards once they're back from the printer. (Clearly not this gigantic in person... and many of them will have a border of some corresponding color... I'll just have ato add an update when they come!)
And I went with all images rather than a mix of quotes and images, still arriving in assorted packs of 4.

And of course the poster, which was also the original work that was the giveaway at the London Art Fair that this whole thing supported in the first place!

Below are the handful of paintings to be done, some complete and ready to send, with still a few awaiting photos from special requests for their rewards (you know who you are!).

if you still have any questions about what is headed your way, or are just curious to see more of what's going on, feel free to let me know! Either leave a comment below or send me an email,