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Highlight Artist: Anna Mazzotta, painter

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The Strong Man, painting by Anna Mazzotta

For a while now I've been considering things other than my own work and stories to share here. Besides, who wants to talk about themselves all the time?

So to start, I asked artist Anna Mazzotta if she would concede to a brief interview. And here we are!

I was introduced to Anna's work at the Parallax art show in London, where she had a booth space down the way from my own. I was drawn first to the scale of her work, then the lively colors, and more than that, there appeared to be a story to each painting. 

So naturally, I asked if Anna could give us more:

My background is Italian; my mediterranean roots have influenced my work i.e, passion for colour, broad fast brushstrokes, movement, energy....and humour.
I studied at the Wimbledon school of Art then onto the Royal college Art under the tutelage of Ken Kiff, Paula Rego and John Bellany.

I am the artist in residence and my work is permanantly on display at the Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon and also at the IRDC in Fleet Street London.

My work has been described as Beryl Cook on steroids, (example of Beryl Cook below).

Beryl Cook, The Tango

I would say there is a strong element of humour if found (its dry) and a certain glamour evocative of the golden age of cinema which also greatly influences me - the Clara Bow, Valentino era also Astaire and Vaudeville era....oh and I have to mention Fellini too. Great dreamlike imagery.
 Fellini movie still image

Fellini movie still image

I paint and draw everyday usually after my daily Costa Latte - starting with a vague sketch on canvas the story begins...the work goes through many many changes until I'm satisfied.

I try to clear my mind from any outside and internal noise,thats when things start happening and inspiration sets in - I'm carried away like in a trance that's good.

And Another Thing, painting by Anna Mazzotta

When I paint and draw its like I'm telling myself a story I've never heard before its exciting and can also be a tumultuous ride. both physically and emotionally.

I've won the Great Art Award at the Society of Women Artists this year for a charcoal drawing called The Bathers (image below).
Many people tend to think that my drawings are studies for paintings ...they are not - drawing for me is just as important and as pure as painting — not a poor relative to painting my drawings stand proud.

Anna Mazzotta, The Bathers, charcoal drawing

I can only say that a piece is complete when I am happy .

I was contacted by the manager of the Parallax Art Fair and asked if I would be interested in exhibiting a few pieces the show went well and I am currently in talks with a London Gallery.

If you would like to see some more of Anna's work you can visit her website at: