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Alexis CastilloComment

You ever have one of those ideas that kicks around in your head for a while, and you say to yourself, "yeahh... that would be a really great thing to do," and proceed to do nothing? That's what this new idea has been for 9 months now. (I know none of you can relate ;)

For some time I've been wanting to get back to life portraits (as opposed to strictly photo reference), which always has complications.... Even assuming I find someone that can sit still for a while, the joy of life portraiture is in the creative license, rather than perfection in realism. So I need not only people available and capable of sitting still, but also people that have a healthy self-esteem and sense of humor. Not too much to ask, right?

 first expat portrait participant!

first expat portrait participant!

Well apparently not, as I have a whopping 15 people interested in a new series of expat portraits (which is so exciting!!!) connecting home and place, story-telling and imagery, all wrapped into a little Liminean bundle of... expatriatism? Not sure what to call it but I'm excited.


Not sure where we're taking this, but gathering a handful together feels like a good start.
—Keep you posted.

If you are in the Lima area and interested in participating, drop me a note!