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Peruvian Preoccupation

Alexis CastilloComment

In Lima, there seem to be very clear distinctions of class. And while we hear (and think) that the cost of living is less here— which it is... the level of earning is way less too. Which literally makes every penny count.
While this is great news for the tourist passing through, it hits home more as a reality of being... barely scraping by and adopting (or maintaining) a mentality of poverty. 
Not so good.

Peruvian Preoccupation is one of my earlier illustrations that examines the idea of the national frustration and acceptance of lack of income and making the most of the work that is available. You would be stunned to know how far 20 bucks can take you.
Handfuls of women and men come in from the countryside, identifiable by their still-traditional dress, and sell whatever they can tote and carry. Some with babies on their backs, many with candy and more than one kid. Some gypsies, some beggars. all looking for a way to live.
It's a worry, it's an occupation. It's a preoccupation.
Welcome to Lima.