Original Artwork & Custom Portraits

Ready to Fly.

Alexis CastilloComment


We made it! I am so delighted and excited— I cannot wait to share the work with you here (in your respective mailboxes and beyond,) as well as a whole new crowd of visitors to the show in London!

This experience of raising support on Kickstarter and the generous contributions of so many of you has quite honestly, touched me deeply. I feel so encouraged that there are people— some who know me, many who don't —who all want to see me succeed. How incredibly encouraging.

And even more than well-wishes (which I readily accept!) you are people who are willing to contribute whatever amount to make that success that much more possible. Wow. 
And wherever we go from here is that much stronger, that much further because —as with so many things,— forward with the support of any group is so much more powerful than striking out on my own.

So again, thank you. A deep, heartfelt: thanks. 

With more and more and more to come, -Lexie