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The Ambition of "art"

Alexis CastilloComment

There are few people outside the realm of academia that care much for philosophy. (Makes sense, right? What can I do with philosophy?) Depending on your setting, it not not be party-starting material. Just saying.

Cards on the table, and for better or worse— I minored in philosophy. Hope you'll still hang out with me. 
And in bouts of intraspective theory, I've been thinking about "why" I paint. Apart from "I love it", there is a current of more that I want to float to the surface:

I believe that art can work as a powerful Good,—one that not only inspires you to live wholly, but holds the capacity to nourish you to be fully well.

But let's not simply let it float to the surface, there are instances where perhaps one might need to dredge it out and push it to the top. Package it and pull it's potential into a distributable item, so that there is opportunity to point to a painting and say: look! Look at the power that resides in this thing that makes me feel beautiful and competent and alive. That's good.

And I want that for you.

For the work that I make for you. For all the "things" in your collection, that they are a sum of more than matter and paint and parts. That they speak to you in a clear, encouraging voice... about who you are and why you matter. That you deserve to have a great day and a full future and a spark of joy in your home and your life. I know that art can do that, if we believe that it can.

A little bit like people, right? ... but that's a different matter.

Let's believe for the best, and see where it takes us.

Here's to expecting glorious things.