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Kickstarter: London Art Fair

Alexis CastilloComment

I've read so many places, so many times, that when a person really wants opportunity, it comes to find them. Just so.

A month ago I received an email requesting that I submit my work for review to participate in an exhibition in London this October. After checking on the history and stats of the art fair, naturally, I thought that it looked like a great opportunity. Work submitted, all I need to do is wait for the jury's response.

I'm in.

So now is the altogether exciting scramble. SURE I could have said, "nahh... how about next year. Give me some time to prepare." But let's be honest: I am ready. Not literally ready— which complicates things a bit, but mentally, emotionally, everything spiritually: READY.

But the literal ability to pay for said show.... oh, you know it. Kickstarter.

Here's the Lowdown. (Also available on the Kickstarter link)

  • $1 or more: Digital download of the work to be used as a bookmark notecard, or thank you.
  • $10 or more: 4 pack of postcards
    Inspiring quotes, hand lettered and printed on durable cardstock to send as a note or to keep!
  • $15 or more: 8 pack of postcards
    Pack of 4 inspiring quotes, as well as 4 additional reproductions of original paintings. All printed on durable cardstock to send with a note or to display for yourself

  • $25 or more: Tote! (only 18 left)
    Print on cotton canvas. Grab one for a friend! (—who doesn't love a tote?)

  • $65 or more: Limited edition print— signed and numbered (same as above), the 4 pack of postcards—your choice of either hand-lettered quotations OR reproduction works, PLUS the tote.

  • $95 or more: Custom painting—surprise! (only 5 left)
    One small original work (not from London, but something perfectly lovely). Arrives unframed, to keep for yourself or to give to a friend!

  • $150 or more: Sampler pack! 
    One small original painting (unframed), plus the tote, AND the 8 pack of postcards. Plenty of goodies to share!

  • $200 or more: On site custom painting—original small. (only 1 left!)
    During the exhibit in London, I will paint a limited number of original works as part of the display. This is one smaller work, ready to hang for yourself or as a gift!

  • $350 or more: On site custom painting: work on canvas. (ALL GONE!)
    During the exhibit in London, I will paint a limited number of works as part of the display. I can only offer ONE work on canvas, ready to hang, straight from the show!