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As kind of a side-project/ new main focus, I've been pulling together an interview series on Creativity and the Business of Art. The truth is, I've been making work and selling artwork (paintings)  off and on for more than 10 years, and still really don't feel like I have tapping into the "ah yes, do this." But certainly it can't be SO elusive.

 Research project turned interview series turning into... ongoing education? Too soon to tell.

Research project turned interview series turning into... ongoing education? Too soon to tell.

And honestly, I am not afraid of the business side of it. I think that part is great! (And dare I say, even fun!) I love the notion of running my own business with the work that I'm excited to be making and sharing, and figuring out what that should look like. Letting my business skills evolve in the same way that I've learned to let my art evolve... intentionally pushing, but not forcing; naturally, but also with true curiosity for how this thing could be better... that's pretty wonderful. And if it's helpful to include others in this learning process, the more the merrier. Welcome, I say!
It's an adventure to find and connect with that key audience that will love my work more than that other purchase they were thinking about, or crafting a website that I hope will be engaging and provide value beyond sales to keep people coming back again and again. But it is challenging.

Clearly there are people who are doing that, and some are more ambitious than others. Some artists have no time on their hands, others make excuses (we know who we are), and we all know where the business part gets difficult (sales, I'm looking at you).


But what I'm finding very clearly is that I am not the only one at a loss for exactly what to do next. I have some great ideas, sure; but how to implement one thing at a time AND not neglect making the work that I want to share in the first place? Tricksome.

One of the wonderful artists I had a chance to talk to (below) had such a great take on this. "Be, Do, Have." Be the kind of person who will do what needs to be done, to have the results you really want. And of course, baby steps for as long as it takes. We'll get the hang of it as we go.

Watch the whole interview with Elena Parashko below.

Are you waiting for your lucky break? Have you ever seen an artist achieve something you have always dreamed of and thought, ‘How lucky is that?’ But was it luck? Dictionaries define luck as ‘chance or fortune.’ If you believe being lucky means randomly being favored by chance rather than being affected by skill or merit, this implies you don’t have any control over outcomes. ‘I prefer the more empowering definition that ‘luck is the point where preparation and opportunity meet.’
— interview with Elena Parshko, on Creativity and the Business of Art

Figuring this out with friends is more fun anyway. On to new adventures!
If you're interested in seeing more of the interviews available, they're only going to be up for a short time before the next wave of somethin' special is due to arrive. Please enjoy (and share) before April 30.