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Wedding story: portrait process

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Celebrating the love, not just the day.

Weddings are a big deal. But you know what's an even bigger deal? The marriage.

  "If this is a relay   I choose you  , my partner—   Together we're better,   United, we're stronger.   "I'll be your springboard   If you'll be   my anchor ;   Without hesitation,   Committed forever."

"If this is a relay
I choose you, my partner—
Together we're better,
United, we're stronger.

"I'll be your springboard

If you'll be my anchor;

Without hesitation,
Committed forever."

I think it's easy to get so focused on the event rather than the people and what their story is, and the shift I'm going for here is more than capturing the event and all its details— which certainly is significant, but ultimately (in the scheme of things,) is fleeting. What I want in these paintings is the character of the couple. What are the unique character traits that drew them together? WHY are they tying the knot? Melanie and Matt sent me some pictures and their story.

They are both fitness-focused and met at a bootcamp where they were both working as trainers. (I can't even imagine!) They hike together, travel together, run marathons together — the whole thing.
Melanie (in the painting here,) told me that Matt (her fiance) is her grounding force and she is his spontaneity. Melanie has this long, thick braid that is just shy of Rapunzel, and  they look most happy in their running gear. 

This is how we got started.

I haven't ever done a video before this one (although I've considered it many times). It's fun to see the work come together— even when it's easy to see where there need to be repairs as it progresses!

Progression of the work below.

Couldn't decide if this was a horizontal or a vertical story. 
I tried it both directions, and Melanie launching off of her grounding force made more sense to the story they told me. Phase two will see Matt filled in at the bottom (right) and those details that make the whole things pop to life.

It's more than the wedding— it's the love. And it's so cool to do that for other people.

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