Original Artwork & Custom Portraits

Process:  How Do I Order a Custom Portrait?

  1. How do I order a custom portrait? I'm so glad you asked! It is a process, but I assure you it's a fun one. 
    Firstly I need to know how many people will be included in your painting. Planning for 2 or ten makes a difference.
  2. Classic or creative? Are your tastes more toward the traditional portrait or something out of the ordinary? What you want to consider is whether you want something little bit more serious, or something entirely unique.
     A "classic" portrait (in this sense) is one with the subject(s) are seen sitting or standing, painted from mid shoulder up with a simple or plain background.
    On the other hand, a "creative" portrait may have you and your fiancé battling a sea monster or your kids floating through space. There is no limit to the directions you can take a creative portrait. I'd be happy to toss around some ideas with you.
  3. Contact me. At this point go ahead and give me a shout and tell me what you're interested in. With the above two points (how many people and what style painting) I can give you a ball park estimate for your painting. Then we can go ahead and get started.
  4. Gather you pictures. This is the fun part. Send me 2-3 shots of each person you're having painted: one that is well lit (natural light is best), and one that shows some personality. Make sure to avoid any haircuts or fashion choices best forgotten. When there is more than one person in the painting, be sure to have (especially children) shown with relative height and age. Please make a note of each person's eye color as it is often difficult to tell from very tiny photographs!
    *Also to consider when gathering your photos: if you are interested in recreating a honeymoon or family vacation, be sure to include some scenic pictures of where you were to be incorporated into the background. 
  5. Payment due. When you send me your pictures and we have determined what painting you want, payment is due in full. We accept Paypal and most major credit cards. Shipping is additional unless noted otherwise and will be charged separately after the work is complete.
  6. Painting underway. By now we have already discussed what you are looking forward to for your painting. I'll post and/or email you pictures of the progress of your work as it is underway. Please let me know if this is a gift or surprise and I will be sure not to post updates until Christmas/ Mother's Day is past. 
  7. Final Review. When the painting is finished, I will send you a picture of the work to review. If you would like anything adjusted or changed, this is the time. After adjustments I will send another picture to confirm it is the way you want before the work is ready to send.
  8. Shipping. After final approval, we charge you for the amount it costs to ship your painting to the address you have specified. All work ships from Lima, Peru and we offer global service. Please expect 4-6 weeks between final approval and receiving your painting in the mail. Rushed paintings are available at an additional expense.

    Still have questions? Email Alexis at