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Lima story: for you

Alexis CastilloComment

This is for you: you matter.

The smell of Lima and the beginning of summer are with me on my walking through the market, my morning routinely filled with shouts from passing taxis and the deafening roar of far too many buses. THIS is where I buy my canvases. Hand stretched, made to order when  necessary, and brimming with potential. 

I flip through the variegated stack and look into each overwhelmingly white expanse. I can see how its colors might unfold. Is this one blue? Or yellow? No, it’s definitely cool— with pops of hot citrus, and maybe some variegated greens… 

The wind from the Pacific moves my bounty as I dodge bicycles and a few meandering dogs, weaving back home by way of the water. 


With all the potential and weight of open space and anticipation gathered under my arm, I hurry to where the paints wait.


And here’s where it gets good: as much as my mind is stirred to excitement just with the dimensions of the wholly blank, with the beginnings of color the whole work begins to vibrate. and shake. and stir. There is an evolution that takes place not only on the canvas but in me. To the point at which I am so captured in the work, nothing else exists. 

And that is when it’s good. But then I let it go.

If this art that has let me come so alive can be sent out to continue to bring life, to inspire, —to create in its viewers a sense of excitement, of urgency to live and love and be even the smallest bit more whole after it than before— I want that for you. 

Please have this work. 

There is more where it came from, and there is so much life to enjoy.

I made it for you. You matter.