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Alexis CastilloComment

I have a tendency to want things to be perfect before I let them go. I know I am not alone in this, and I suspect that I am much harder on myself and the work I make than others will likely be. Recently I've had this mini-crisis of sorts. Will the work be what I expect? Is it evolving in the wrong direction? How can I connect with the people who really "get" it and still make growth in the direction that I hope to?
And then, in a strange turn of events, I realized that I am grateful to do what I do. Wholly grateful. And wherever I end up from this point IS heading in the right direction. I know what I picture while I'm sitting here, looking at the work that in my eye is still half-evolved and just getting started; and we'll see how long it takes to make the progress that I expect for myself.

But I'm so excited to try. And just to recognize —in myself— that I have so much farther to grow feels pretty good to me.