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why... paint?

Alexis CastilloComment

Recently I’ve been reminded to focus on my why. Why do I paint? Why does it matter? What sets me apart? (Why should you care?) And that used to be a really difficult question to answer. But if I take a step back, it’s the core of what I do. So putting words to it really isn’t so impossible.

I believe that life is more than a sum of your experiences. Our routines, even our special moments and our precious memories— no.
We are more. There’s complexity in a person; there’s depth.

If I need to convince you that there is value in the richness and the fullness of living, read no further. Art is not so much for you. Please don’t bother visiting the work.

If on the other hand, you have ever felt that lift of your spirit when you saw perfectly arranged flowers— quirky combinations, something surprising, and yet it WORKS; or inhaled more deeply and felt both alive & fully at rest after the perfect meal of something not-too-fancy, but truly fine… then please, settle in.

I paint because there is life here. In the paint. The paint has potential— heady, heavy, exciting... both an honor and a burden,—to translate into a work: ONE PIECE that then continues to live and speak.

And if it doesn’t speak to you, that’s ok. People are so wonderfully not all the same. All I ask is that you give it the chance— that you listen with your eyes & with your mind.. and perhaps you’ll hear a whisper. Come back and visit her, if she whispers to you. the whole story may take some time.

But for those who hear singing? Or shouting! For the love of Glory make that painting yours and take it home with you before it’s gone! Nestle in close and create that connection that IS enriching, & edifying, and gratifying. Go for it. Live richly.
And here’s what sets me apart: I want to make your moments, your memories, your stories—real or imagined. sparkle

It’s not a picture, it’s paint. It’s life and depth & that something that can’t quite be expressed because it’s visual. I want that for you. It’s not a sum of what you’ve done, it’s who you are.

Because your experiences are unique, and to reinforce that identity creatively & tangibly— that’s valuable.