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It feels like the beginning.

Alexis CastilloComment

I remember in the very beginning, so-many years ago when I started a blog ( and the the best part was the worst part: nobody knew I was there. Writing diligently.... except my dad. And he would like everything and comment in such a way that it looked like he was just some follower/ fan. I appreciate that, Dad.

But here we are with a new site that feels SO hidden away from the everything else that I sincerely wonder if anybody sees these. Not as diligently, of course; but writing nevertheless. 
But then I think, well hey! Here's my chance. I can be so totally uninhibited with how I write and what I write. And when you, dear reader, finally see this (dad or otherwise) —you can feel oh-so special that this will quite likely be a little tiny something that exists just between me

and you.